Daily Bulletin

HTRS - High School Bulletin for Saturday, October 21, 2017

Breakfast -No School, milk
Lunch - , milk

Study Hall Period
Wrestling Meeting-Monday, Oct. 30th after school in the weight room.


Breakfast - Glazed Donuts, Milk
Lunch - Chicken Fajta,Peas & Carrots, Milk
Study Hall 6th. period.
Tuesday,Oct.24th-Red Ribbon Kickoff.
*Next week is Red Ribbon Week for the school. With Monday being in service, the Pep Rally to kick off the week will be Tuesday during 6th period- time is 12:55 in the new gym and will last during 6th period with energizers, skits from Mr. I and crew, and finish energizers.
*The Red Ribbon Committee will have small tokens for the week sorted out and distributed to the teachers to share with the students. again, they will work around 2nd period for those items. They did not decide to do any special days other than the ORANGE OUT. Much to be done, hope it all works out fine- Mrs. Mezger

Breakfast - Cinnamon Toast,Hot Chocolate, Milk
Lunch - Chili Soup,Crackers,Mini Long John, Milk
Study Hall 7th. Period.
>*ACCUPLACER TEST Nov. 15, 8:15 (usually 2 hours for students, but some may be testing only one portion so will be shorter) All Juniors and some seniors, in two sessions, will send out a list as to the times.
*Wednesday is CLASS LEADERSHIP for the students off site from 9:30 AM to 2 PM, but the students will come back a little early to be able to do the 1st mentoring project during 7th period study hall which starts at 1:50 to 2:40, in which we will share that list with all teachers as it is finished. Journie Vaughan has worked hard on this project, no easy task.

Picture Retake will be Wednesday,Nov.15th @ 8:00.

Breakfast -Pancakes,Yogurt,Milk
Lunch -Toasted Ham & Cheese, Green Beans , Milk
Study Hall-8th. period.

Study Hall-1st. Period.
Breakfast -Cereal, Toast, Milk
Lunch - Pepperoni Pizza, Salad Bar, Pudding, Milk
*Friday, Oct.27th-UNO Math Day.

No School Monday, Oct.23rd.

Mentoring The Mentoring project will either be sidewalk chalk outside if still nice enough or will be poster making inside. Alex Flynn is working on the schedule for the week so will get that ready to be sent home with all students. I know Wednesday is Orange out again to represent Unity Day - - stomp out bullying not just for one day or one week but to work to change school culture. May we all come together with our orange!

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